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Agave Watercolor Pad, 24x32cm (290 g)


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Agave watercolor is a natural white watercolor paper. It is characterized by its cold pressing and very uniformTen big network gambling regular platform纹理. Suitable for all kinds of watercolor techniques, especially for glazing. 290 gsm paper SpecialTen big network gambling regular platformAllow the brush to slide easilyTen big network gambling regular platformAnd allow for a bright color gradient. Scour and correction are simple possibilities. Agave Watercolor is acid-free, non-aging and vegan. Using sisal, a rapidly growing and resource-saving raw material, agave watercolor is an ideal painting for environmentally conscious artistsTen big network gambling regular platform. All agave watercolor tiles glued to 4 sides. Individual sheets can be easily removed with Hahnemuhle's bamboo woven folder

290g ·70% agave Fiber, 30% cotton Wool · Cold Pressed ·24 x 32cm