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Artist Acrylic Ink 30ml

Artist Acrylic Ink 30ml


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  • Acrylic Artist Inks are formulated from artist pigments selected for their permanence, maximum stability and luminosity, dispersed in 100% acrylic emulsion with a viscosity of 40-200 cPs.

  • The color is very flowing, dried to matte and permanently finished. Acrylic ink can be applied with an airbrush, 刷, and technical pen; the colors are used with rubber stamps and markers, It is the perfect medium for drip irrigation, Antithetical calligraphy, And print, Printing and painting on textiles.

  • The inks are acid free and are ideal for scrapbooking and retouching photographs; all the colors dry waterproof, yellowless, Uv resistance, And can be associated withTen big network gambling regular platformMix and combine the medium and texture, or dilute it with water for a watercolor effect. 

    Available in 30ml glass container with pipette