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Clutch Pencil TK Boutique (various sizes)- Top Ten Net gambling regular platform Malta

Clutch Pencil TK Boutique (various sizes)

Faber's name is Caster

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The TK-Fine, a proven mechanical pencil, is perfect for precise drawing. The user can choose between four line thicknesses :0.35mm leads for ultra-fine drawing, 0.5mm leads for fine drawing, 0.7 mm leads are used for special break resistant wire drawing or 1.0 mm leads are used for extra wide stretching. The lead, of course, can be fully retracted.

  • Fully retractable lead sleeve
  • Rigid lead for precision ruler drawing
  • Use an integrated eraser
  • Button line width color coded
  • Each clutch pencil contains graphite of HB hardness

厚度:0.35, 0.5, 0.7, 1.0