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Faber-castell TK System A3 drawing board + rotating head

Faber's name is Caster

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Faber-castell's board comes in a variety of A3 designs. They are made of top grade plastic material, resistant to impact and breakage, and very strong, so they will not be damaged by the compass needle. Quick-release paper clips are super strong, so they can hold several pieces of paper firmly. Movable parallel ruler and adjustable Angle drawing head allow accurate drawing of parallel lines and angles.
  • Double guide slots make parallel ruler run smoothly
  • The stick holds one or more pieces of paper firmly
  • Easy to release and reclamp
  • This parallel ruler can be used in any position with one hand
  • Perfect for lefties
  • Parallel ruler, single hand double lock mechanism
  • Extensive paper clip
  • Useful scale and parallel ruler on the blackboard
  • A ruler with 7° and 42° lines for equidistant drawings
  • The scale is used to set the compass. The scale point has holes
  • "Stop/Go" "Traffic light" indicator light
  • Raise your fingers to the sides of the parallel ruler
  • Stop at each end of the guide groove
  • Made of high impact plastic material
  • Light weight, especially stable
  • There are non-slip rubber feet on the bottom
  • A3 size