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QoR 24 color set - ten major network gambling regular platform

QoR 24 Color Settings

QoR watercolor

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QoR Modern Watercolors are professional artist quality watercolors made from gold in the artist's colors. QoR Watercolor's unique formula allows the paint to highlight its brightness and shine even after drying. QoR offers subtlety, transparency and flow in great watercolors, colors as vibrant and flame-filled as the best acrylics or oils.

24 x 5ml Tube - Features: Cadmium Yellow Primrose, Nickel azo yellow, Quinacridone gold, Diarylide yellow, Transparent pyrrole orange, Cadmium red medium, Permanent red, Permanent dark red, Quinacridone magenta, Dioxazine Purple, Dark blue, Chrome-cobalt blue, Phthalocyanine blue (GS), Cobalt water duck, Bright green green, Green pigment, 绿金, Original loess (natural), Dark brown (natural), Raw ocher (Natural), Van Dyke Brown, Nisgray, Neutral tone, 钛白.