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Sculpture, Polymer Clay, (227g)- White - Ten Big Net Gambling regular platform Malta

Sculptural Premo, Polymer Clay, (227g)- White


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Premo is soft enough to blend easily, but firm enough to retain detail, making it perfect for specialized techniques. Flexible and very rugged, making it the perfect choice for advanced techniques such as whipping, Mokume gane and mica Shifter. 

Mica transfer is the best brand because of the high concentration of mica particles.

Remain soft before baking - will not air dry. It will stay soft until it is baked in a home oven.

Excess clay can be stored and reused without drying out

Great for a variety of items such as: jewelry, DIY home decor, mixed media and more

Safe and non-toxic

Product description: 

Bake at 130°C(275°F) for 30 minutes per 6 mm thickness.

No microwave oven.

Do not exceed the above temperature or recommended baking time.