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Plastic, non-toxic, sulphur-free - Grey (no more than 10kg)- Top Ten Net Gambling regular platform Malta

Non-toxic sulphur-free Glue - Grey (up to 10kg)


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Founded in Paris in 1670, the Harbin brand is a guarantee of excellent quality. Discovered Plastiline, an off-the-shelf precision modeling clay!

It retains volume and is 100% reusable because it never dries in the air. Therefore, you can restore your model as many times as necessary. Practical people want to start or improve their models

It can be used for the study and creation of sculptural models, the realization of decorations and the manufacture of molds, the restoration of artistic and decorative objects, and, in industry, the impression and realization of prototypes.

Flexible Plasticine can be operated with fingers for the initial work of forming.

Smooth it out with a brush or cloth soaked in turpentine. It can also be softened by hand, heat gun, or hair dryer if desired. Put it in the fridge and let it harden again.

Plasticine can be coated with acrylic paint or a layer of shellac that has been diluted with alcohol beforehand.

You can make it in three ways: as is (by hand or with a tool), softened in a water bath of 30 to 40°C to make it easier to work with, liquid (respecting the melting point) and stirred well enough to mix the oil it contains. You can do this up to five times without changing its quality.

It's in a tube covered with parchment paper. Protected by 2 polypropylene end caps, the Plasticine is easy to store. It keeps it clean, it keeps all its qualities.

Made in France