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Natural Clay 1kg - Ten Big Net gambling regular platform Malta

Natural Clay 1kg

Phoenix Art

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This natural clay is made up of 100% natural clay (potter's clay)。. It is easy and pleasant to work with. Its use is ideal for modeling, sculpting and turning work.
It comes in terracotta and white.

How to save it
• Once the packaging is opened, the clay needs to be wrapped in plastic in order to preserve it. If the clay dries completely, it can be recycled by mixing it with water.
• Cover items with plastic or a damp cloth during interruptions.
Keep the clay in a cool place to avoid heat. Do not store at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit). If it freezes, it loses its properties.

Once done, allow it to dry, avoiding any direct heat sources or drafts. Slow drying avoids cracks and crevices. It is recommended to place the product in the porous part of the paperTen big network gambling regular platformDry on wood, porous ceramic, plaster or fabric).

If it is a very large or solidified fragment, it is recommended to cover it with plastic wrap to slow the rate of drying while leaving only a small opening to slow the drainage of moisture.

Perfectly flat objects (plates or tiles) should dry, leaving flat weights on top. It avoids bending or cracking inside the fabric, which can happen if it dries quickly.

Drying at room temperature takes 1 to 4 days, depending on size and
Environmental conditions. Clay shrinks during drying. The more water clay contains, the more it shrinks during drying.

After drying, it can be polished, carved, or drilled before firing.

• The clay is burned in the kiln at the following optimum temperature :1000°C (1832°F, cone 06) for red clay, 1050°C (1922°F, cone 04) is white.
• During firing, the project will reduce the size of the ceramics due to firing shrinkage.
For very large or solidified pieces, slow pre-firing at 150-200 temperature is recommended°C (300-400°F), keep the kiln door slightly open (not completely closed). It will help to fully expel humidity during drying.

Glass and decoration
• Natural clay interacts very well with traditional ceramic glazes. Ten big network gambling regular platformRecommended glazing after firing (double firing). The optimum firing temperature for a glaze is usually specified by the glaze manufacturer. For white clay, an alkaline glaze is recommended to prevent the white from darkening.
Ten big network gambling regular platformRecommend professional literature on techniques and tips on how to use ceramic glazes.