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Vallejo Paint 35ml - Top Ten Net Gambling regular platform Malta

Vallejo Paint 35ml


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Vallejo pigments, selected natural soils and synthetic pigments, selected for their permanency, their excellent light fastness, and the additional fine grinding of their particles, what promotes the mixture and its application on models and dioramas.

The range of pigments includes a range of colours used to represent wear and erosion on vehicles and buildings caused by prolonged use and exposure, recreating dust on tank tracks, rust on armour and the wide range of effects caused by climate and geographical conditions of deployment.

The paint can be applied in dry form, Brush directly on the model, since they have excellent adherence; they can also be fixed in place with Thinner when used to portray dry mud or accumulated dust. With pigment adhesives, pigments can be used to create volume, such as accumulated dirt and mud.

Wash painting tools with water.
Pigment is non-flammable.