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Blank Paper - Lace Temptation (Rouge Boudoir)


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Is there a fabric that evokes more cultural associations than lace? A piece of delicate white lace is reminiscent of weddings, baptisms and other ceremonial occasions. Cast your eyes on that little piece of black lace now, and your thoughts turn to death, mourning, and eroticism. Then, if you dare, consider the almost too titillating red lace. Say no more!

Lace, which became popular in the 16th century, whether the perforated fabric was made by machine or by hand. Lace making is an ancient craft that involves tying knots, using twisted threads to create hollow patterns. As a fabric, lace allowsTen big network gambling regular platform看到Ten big network gambling regular platformWhat lies beneath. It is used to enhance, emphasize and hide. It is used to express innocence and temptation.

These are particularly good examples of handmade lace, which stays firmly in sweet romantic territory.

Midi Unlined (size 13x180mm) or Mini Unlined (size 100 x140mm)