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Flash Paint 150ml - Ten Big Net Gambling regular platform Malta

Glitter Paint 150ml


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In a princess world where Glitter adds to the fairy tale, Pebeo's Glitter Paint can turn your child's brush into a wand and rediscover this colorful glitter world through your child's eyes!

  • Color: Bright, shiny and transparent
  • Primer: Water
  • Diluent: Water, the addition of water will reduce the fluorescence
  • Cleaning brush: Soapy water
  • For children 3 and older under adult supervision. The CE mark indicates compliance with the requirements of the European Toy Safety Directive
  • Protect the piece: For best preservation, Pebeo Water-based gouille varnish can be applied - after the color has completely dried - using a brush instead of reusing the product to avoid soaking gouille layers. Pebeo gouache spray paint can also be applied (for adult use) for a finer protective film.

Application program:

Gouache Glitter Gel is ready to use. Suitable for cardboard, wood, salt surface, Bristol board... Use paint brushes, stamps, and foam rollers from Pebeo's kids range. It must be stirred well to homogenize before use.

Glitter Gouache Gel is easy to wash away skin with soap and water. Rinsing with water will remove all adhesives (dextrin: sugar polymers), which dissolve in water. However, the pigments in gouache varyTen big network gambling regular platform(Textile fibers) have different affinities, etc.). These colorants can be attached to the fabric almost permanently.

If there are stains on textiles, wash them immediately with hot water and soapTen big network gambling regular platform. Repeat, if necessary, until the stain is completely gone. 

Protective aprons are also recommended when working with children. Stay away from wallpaper, painted walls, untreated wood, and other materials that can't be washed.