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Acrylic Color acrylic 500ml(suitable for 5 + years old)- Top Ten Net gambling regular platform Malta

Colored Acrylic 500ml(Suitable for 5 + years old)


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Water-based acrylic paint for budding artists over 5 years old. 多Ten big network gambling regular platformPaint, with gloss.


Abstract: Water
Finished: Gloss
Goal: Collective,5 +
Format :500 ml
Effect: Gloss
Drying: 5-30 minutes, depending on the thickness of the coating and the porosity of the regular platform.
Dilution: Water, but this will cause tarnish or assist acrylic adhesive to maintain shine.
Applications support: Paper, cardboard, wood, salt dough, Bristol Card, plastic, plaster, self-hardening clay, metal, recycled materials, papier-mache, eggshells, corks, pebbles, dried vegetables and more!


Acrylic paints must be shaken to homogenize before use. It can be applied in many waysTen big network gambling regular platformUse brushes, stamps, stencils from the Pebeo Kids collection and foam rollers.

Used in combination with acrylic paint, there are several advantages to using an acrylic adhesive:

  • It can dilute the color without losing brightness
  • It can also be used as a porous support (wood, terracotta, ...), so as not to tarnish
  • It can also be used as a varnish on acrylic paints.

The acrylic paint can be easily cleaned off the skin using soap and water before drying. If there are stains on textiles, wash them immediately with hot water and soapTen big network gambling regular platform. Repeat, if necessary, until the stain is completely gone. However, acrylic pigments are based on itTen big network gambling regular platform(textile fibers) may have different affinity, etc.). These colorants can be attached to the fabric almost permanently. For harsher stains, the use of textile stain removers based on bleach or reactive oxygen species can be successful, as long as their use is compatible with the garment in question. Protective aprons are also recommended when working with children. Stay away from wallpaper, painted walls, untreated wood, etc. And other materials that can't be washed.

Children 3 years and older must be supervised by an adult. The CE mark certifies compliance with the provisions of the European Toy Safety Directive