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The standard 100% cotton canvas | stretch canvas (1.8cm)

Museum ®

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Museum Green Leafs Stretch canvas is handmade from 100% premium cotton and primed with 3 layers of plaster. 

This canvas is specially designed for artists who like cotton. The canvas is stapled to the back of a sturdy wooden stretcher. Draw both sides in the same way and include them on your canvas.

Hardwood skewers/wedges provided can be used to correct fabric tension and then re-tension the fabric. Canvas is great for using techniques with acrylic paints, gouache/tempera painting and oil painting. Available in different sizes.

  • 100%棉的
  • Weight: 420g/m2
  • Thickness of slats :1.8cm
  • A stretcher made of strong wood
  • Available in a variety of sizes