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Gedeo Resin Plaster 1kg - Ten Big Net Gambling regular platform Malta

Gedeo Resin Plaster 1kg


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Top alpha plaster. Due to its special hardness, after drying, it can be compared with polyester resin.

Recommended for molds requiring fineness, strength, and whiteness. For professional adults.
Extra effort
- Very white
- Very good.
- No clumping, limiting the appearance of air bubbles.

A mix of suggestions:
3 parts powder to 1 part water.
Start setting :8 minutes
Setting end :15 minutes
Demoulding: It is recommended to demoulding after 30 minutes
Gypsum preparation: Pour water into a large container. Spread the plaster over the water. Let the plaster absorb moisture for 1-2 minutes without mixing. Then stir gently to allow the bubbles to rise to the surfaceTen big network gambling regular platform. Do not add water after mixing. Pour the plaster slowly along the sides of the mold. For complex shapes, empty and start over.