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Pebeo Gedeo Latex 1 L


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Natural rubber concentrated formula. Allows molds for simple and complex shapes in small or large sizes. Can you still make rubber masks.

Use a brush to apply latex to the object to be shaped. Protect your brushes carefully and apply dish soap.

Allow the first layer to dry for 10 minutes.

Put on another coat. Place gauze while still wet to strengthen the mold and immediately apply a third coat to it.

Let dry for 10 minutes before applying a fourth coat.

Allow to dry for 6 hours. To prevent the latex from sticking together, dust the outside of the mold with release talcum powder and release the mold.

Regenerated material: Gesso crystal resin regenerated Gedio. Unmould. Allow to dry and decorate.

The highest temperature the latex mold can withstand is 50 degrees Celsius.

To dilute the latex, you can add 5% water and stir it slowly.