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Pioneer Paper, 200g, Sheet 50 x 70cm (similar to Yupo) - Top Ten Net Gambling regular platform

Pioneer Paper, 200g, Single Sheet 50 x 70cm(similar to Yurura)


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New Lana Vanguard paper from France is a synthetic plastic paper similar to Yubo paper. This versatile paper is bright white, very smooth, strong, acid free and tear resistant. 

It has the advantage that the paint won't bend even if it's wet, a very white oneTen big network gambling regular platform, makes the color brighter than traditional watercolor paper, and can wipe back white, it is perfect for watercolor painters. It's non-absorbent, so it stays perfectly flat and doesn't require soaking, stretching, or recording. It resists tearing. The color is at the top of the paper, which takes longer to dry than traditional paper, so many people use a hair dryer.

When you are sure your painting is finished, it is recommended that you set it with a spray fixer. Use acrylic spray products that don't turn yellow over time. Spray gently from side to side outside or in a well-ventilated area, then up and down. Use several lightweight, even coats, rather than one heavy coat, which may cause condensation or puddles. Most people prefer a matte finish to a smooth finish.

It is available in 200 gsm weight pads or sheets.

Other techniques that can be used: acrylic, oil, gouache, ink, highlighters, crayons, colored crayons.

Each box of 5 sheets is 50 x 70 cm