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A3 Sumi-e Japanese Drawing Board (80gsm) - Top Ten network gambling regular platform Malta

A3 Sumi-e Japanese Drawing Board (80g)


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Hahnemuhle FineArt designed this special paper specifically for Japanese Eimei paintings. This highly absorbent paper is perfect for "freestyle" brush painting. "Mo" means "black ink" and "e" means "road" and "painting".

The brush style is a painting style that is both simple and highly aesthetic, with great power, mainly chasing and quickly executing lines. In brush painting, patience and inner harmony are necessary to capture the spirit of the subject. Thus, Sumi-e is not only an Asian painting technique, but also a form of spiritual relaxation therapy. In the fifth century, Su Mei painting evolved from Chinese calligraphy. The main themes are based on nature. The technique was brought to Japan by Zen monks in the 12th century, and Sumi-e painting continues to have a decisive influence on the Japanese way of life today.

This painting technique spread rapidly throughout Europe, and Hahnemuhle FineArt provided the ideal paper.

The size is 30x40cm, 80gsm, a total of 20 sheets