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A3 Bristol Board Drawing Board (250gsm)

A3 Bristol Board Drawing Board (250gsm)


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Bristow is ideal for drafts, studies, illustrations and drawings or prints. Strong and super smoothTen big network gambling regular platformAllow to work with dry and fluid stretching media. Pencils and colored pencils, Indian ink pens, pens, fine eyeliner and acrylic markers all slip over smoothTen big network gambling regular platformTo make an opaque layer of color. Also suitable for use with airbrush.

The paper features high opacity and weighs 250 grams. In the non-absorbentTen big network gambling regular platformOn the top, the lines and colors are very prominent. The bright white paper allows for easy scanning and separation of subjects without complex post-processing. Bristol is resistant to rubbing and easy to cut. Also, as a high quality drawing paper, it is perfect for presentations.

A3 size, 250gsm, 20 sheets

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