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Sculptural Souffle, Polymer Clay (48g)- Top Ten Net Gambling regular platform Malta

Sculptural Souffle, Polymer Clay (48g)


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SOuffle is an innovative lightweight clay that fits perfectly Jewelry making And larger home decor pieces.  After baking, it has a beautiful suede top Ten gambling regular platform!

The Souffle is powerful and retains detail, making it perfect for advanced technologies such as caning, Mokume gane and bargello. Super flexible - can cut and sew after baking - perfect for decorating bags, making labels, reinforcing paper craft and more!  

Remain soft before baking - will not air dry. It will stay soft until it is baked in a home oven.

Excess clay can be stored and reused without drying out

Product description: 

Bake at 130°C(275°F) for 30 minutes per 6 mm thickness.

No microwave oven.

Do not exceed the above temperature or recommended baking time.