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Marbling Kit - Top Ten Net gambling regular platform Malta

Marbling kit


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Historically, the ancient art of paper prints has been associated with the art of books. The technique involves floating the pigment in a gel-like mediumTen big network gambling regular platform(called "marbling size") and then transfer this floating design to paper or fabric.

Use this traditional technique to make your own patterned fabric, one-of-a-kind wrapping paper, greeting cards, art and more. Each design is as unique as a fingerprint! Jacquard marbling kits are easy to use and deliver professional-quality results. A great group activity!

This kit includes:

  • 6 Marble Color, 1/2 fl oz /14.79ml each: Yellow, Red, purple, Blue, White & black

  • 1/2盎司/ 14.The gall bladder was synthesized in '79

  • 4 oz/113.40g alum (Medium)

  • 1 oz/28.35g carrageenan

  • 指令

Note: You will need to provide paper or fabric.