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OPEN Acrylic Paint 59ml

Gold is the artist's color

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OPEN acrylic resin is a slow drying paint that has a slightly softer consistency than heavy duty paints for regular platforms at the Big Ten. The increase in working hours of these colors has expanded their range to include more traditional techniques that were once only possible with oils. 厚的应用会干得非常慢, so we recommend artists only use Open Colors thinly (< 1 mm). Drying times can also be obtained by mixing OPEN with fast-drying acrylics, such as the top Ten gambling regular platform fluids and heavy body colors. The slow drying properties of OPEN acrylic also make it suitable for some printing techniques.

Because OPEN acrylics dry slowly, painters who cover the palette or use airtight containers can use the same color for weeks, reducing wasted paint Quantity and reserving the mixed color for future use.