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Heavy Body Acrylic Resin 148ml

Gold is the artist's color

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The first acrylic pigment offered by GOLDEN, Heavy Body paint is known for its exceptional smoothness, buttery consistency. The Heavy Body palette includes the largest variety of unique pure pigments in 100% acrylic lotions available to professional artists. These colors provide excellent durability and light resistance. No fillers, thickeners, opaque agents, toners or dyes are added.

Each Heavy Body color formula reflects the quality of its pigment. Colors subjected to higher pigment loads will dry out and become more opaque and matte. More reactive colors, which do not allow for excessive pigment loading, tend to be glossy and more transparent, finished. Because heavy body colors do not contain matting agents, each color will shine differently.

Heavy body acyl - Snap ShotGold is the artist's color on Vimeo.