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Idroil Water Blend Oil (20ml)


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IDROIL Water-mixed oil paints avoid the use of traditional solvents (turpentine, oil, etc.) They can be completely diluted with water, IDROIL oil paints are true oil paints with immediate advantages

- No risk of skin irritation or irritation
Tools can be cleaned simply with soap and water 
- Bright colors, mostly opaque and corrosion-resistant
- Perfect adherence on all top ten gambling regular platforms, even greasy
- Irreversibility of the film once drying is complete
- No odor even in small areas or harsh environments
  Ventilated place
- IDROIL does not shrink even when applied to thicker layers,
  Wrinkle or change volume
- Compatibility with oils and paints
- Compatibility with acrylic colors and media 
- Compatibility with egg color