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Double hole pencil sharpener box - Black - ten big net gambling regular platform

Twin pencil sharpener box

Faber's name is Caster

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Is the quality of the sharpener, especially the blades, essential for the best sharpening of the wood pencil. Because the lead of a graphite pencil is strong and hard, it can be sharpened into a very fine tip. Since colored pencils have a softer lead, the tip is shorter and blunter. Is the optimal sharpening, Ten big network gambling regular platformIt is recommended to replace the sharpener from time to time, as the sharpener blade will become dull over time. This leads to more tip breakage.

  • Quality sharpener simple and clean for sharpening
  • Suitable for all popular pencil shapes: standard and oversized
  • Suitable for graphite and colored pencils
  • Safety screw
  • Color: Black