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A longer pencil & Lead pencil sharpener

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These amazing new pencil sharpeners are the epitome of functionality! The innovative two-step sharpening method of the automatic long-point pencil sharpener is designed to provide the longest, sharpest nib that is least likely to break. Housed in a sturdy plastic clamshell container that serves as a shavings reservoir, the sharpener itself has two holes, one for each step of the sharpening process.

The first step is to sharpen only the wood of the pencil, and when the wood of the pencil has reached a perfect outline, the blade will automatically stop cutting, leaving a length of bare but unsharpened lead.

The second step only sharpens this exposed lead, providing a smooth, sharp pencil tip perfect for drawing details!

As a bonus, the long-pointed pencil sharpener with pointer also has two smaller blades on the sides of the container, perfect for sharpening 2mm and 3.2 mm lead core holder and mechanical drawing pencil. Two standard replacement blades are also included in the rear of the container. With such versatility, such huge results, and very little chance of a pencil breaking, a long-pointed pencil sharpener is a must-have tool for every dry medium and graphite pencil artist!