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Belle Arti Plank (Deep Edge)- Top Ten Net gambling regular platform Malta

Belle Art Board (Deep Edge)

Belle Arti

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Beautiful Arti Natural planks are handmade in Italy and are suitable for a wide variety of techniques including oil, acrylic, alcohol inks and resin art.

Fine without primerTen big network gambling regular platformIdeal for fine work, or as a strong support for heavy texture artwork or resin artwork. A cradle frame with no background color behind the panel gives the work a more modern feel while also allowing for a 3d effect. It also means that a piece can be professionally hung without a border if you wish. The external depth of the cradle is 38mm.

Belle Arti's multistorey poplar trees are eco-friendly as all products are sourced from renewable resources and well-maintained plantations, minimising the company's carbon footprint.