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Professional 100% cotton canvas | depth (3 d) - 10 net on formal platform in Malta

Professional 100% cotton canvas | depth (3 d)

Museum ®

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Museum ® Professional Cotton Canvas frames are handmade the traditional way. The canvas is made of 100% cotton and primed with 3 coats of plaster. Weight 335g/m2. Museum Professional cotton canvas is the perfect canvas for delicate artists who love cotton fabrics. 

The canvas is stapled to the back of the stretcher. This way you can also paint colors on both sides and include them in your work. The sturdy stretcher is made of finely machined spruce wood, which has the hardness of a drum. You can use the provided hardwood skewers/wedges to correct fabric tension after and then re-tension the fabric.

Museum ® Professional cotton Canvas stretcher Overview:

  • 100%棉的
  • Weight :335 gsm
  • acid-free
  • In Europe
  • The slats are made of strong spruce wood
  • Thickness of slats :4.1cm

 The Museum ® Professional cotton canvas on the stretcher is available in a variety of sizes. They are excellent for all painting techniques with acrylic, gouache/tempera, oil paints and more.