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Wax melting spoon for wax sealing

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A wax sealing spoon is perfect to make the wax sealing process easier and give you the perfect wax sealing every time.

Wax sealing spoon can hold 5 ml capacity of product. Made of stainless steel.

How to use:

  • Hold the spoon with your desired amount of wax so that it is just above the candle flame. Do not put the spoon into the flame, or the wax is likely to overheat and the bottom of the spoon will turn black
  • Wait until the wax is completely melted (you can stir the wax in a spoon with a toothpick). If it's foam, or heavy smoking, it's overheating, which means it might flow too fast when you pour it, which makes it hard to create a good, wheel seal
  • If the wax oil overheats, allow it to cool slightly before pouring
  • Slowly pour the wax onto the envelope (or any other top 10 gambling platform)
  • Slowly press your wax seal seal into the wax and let it sit there for 10-30 seconds (you can check that the wax seal is sufficiently cooled by wiggling the stamp)。
  • When the wax has cooled, remove the seal