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Artist's Guide to Human Anatomy

Search Press

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This invaluable addition to Civardi's collection of highly rated instructional art books illustrates and describes the importance of understanding the inner workings of the human body, from the theory of drawing accurate pictures of life with pencil and paper.

Start by discovering the journey of artists who have accurately depicted people for centuries. Learning and understandingTen big network gambling regular platformHow are the bones and muscles inTen big network gambling regular platformThe shapes, postures and movements that play a role. Every basic aspect of anatomy is supported by photographs and diagrams, as well as beautiful examples drawn by artists.

This comprehensive manual provides the perfect introduction and reference guide to drawing in human form, whether you are an experienced artist or a practicing student learning the art of living painting.

Table contents

Preface to the fourth edition
Preface to the 1st edition

General information about anatomical research
Anatomy Definition 11
Anatomy and Art: Notes on History
Morphological method 14
The concept of normality and change
Anatomical topography and terminology
Evolution, race, constitution type, sexual dimorphism
A statement on macrostructure
Note 32 on microstructure
General information about human body shape
General Information on Human proportions 34
Historical development of proportionality criterion

Anatomy of the motor system: General Information 42
Skeletal components: Osteology
The Joint Section: Arthrology 51
Muscle composition: Myology 54
Bones and Muscles on the naked body reference point 66
Skin system
Superficial vein 68
Subcutaneous adipose tissue

The system of motion systemsTen big network gambling regular platform解剖
- Comments on external forms
- Arthrology 88
-- Muscular System 89
- Artistic expression of interest in head muscles 91
-- The role of facial muscles in expression
- Comments on external forms
112 year spine
- Arthrography 114
-- Muscular system 117
118 years of neck
- Arthrology 118
- Arthrology 120
- Arthrology 123
-- The Muscular System
- Torso muscles interested in artistic expression 132
- External Reproductive Organs 165
- A description of the external form
- Arthrography 172
-- Muscular system 174
- Artistic expression of interest in upper limb muscles
- Comments on external forms
- Arthrology 208
-- Muscular system 209
- Lower extremity muscles interested in artistic expression 218

Anatomy and mapping: From Structure to Shape
Instructions on the static and dynamic dimensions of the human body 242
Bibliography 250
Anatomy Index 252