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Addiction - An artist's sketchbook: Adelbangi Alade's Sketches of City Life - Top Ten gambling platform Malta

Addiction - An Artist's Sketchbook: Sketches of Urban Life by Adebanji Arad

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表扬 Addicted set designer:

"It's impossible not to get caught up in his enthusiasm and the energy of his work. Although this is mostly done in the field, the article is very well written and goes beyond simple notes. There's an element of improvisation - a jazz-like tone - and Adebanji certainly has that gift. If you love drawing as much as he does, this is a book to embrace and learn from."

-- "Top 10 Online Gambling Platform" magazine

Adebanji Arad, one of Britain's most famous artists, was addicted to sketching. Inspired by the sights and sounds of London, he travels around the city, filling his sketchbooks with characters, places and scenes of contemporary urban life. A complete presentation of one of Adebanji's inspirational sketchbooks and a fascinating introduction to the way he worked, this unique visual record of everyday urban life also provides a compelling insight into the creative process of modern urban sketching.