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UHU Super Glue 3g - Top Ten online gambling platform Malta

UHU Super Glue 3g


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  • Super fast, super strong

  • 3 x original seal tube

  • Perfect, ready-to-use glue quality for every application

  • Solid storage box

  • Touch the smallest corners and joints

  • Dishwasher proof and water proof

Applicable to:

Ideal for small area bonds. Glue almost all solid and flexible materials,Such as many plastics (such as rigid PVC, 腹肌, PS, Plexiglass ®, Polycarbonate (Polycarbonate ®), Phenolic resin (phenolic ®), 瓷, 陶瓷, 皮革, 金属, 木, cork, 感觉, Cloth (check suitability first), And rubber. Only partially suitable for glass (after a while, the bond will become brittle。, causing it to weaken).

Not suitable for:

Not suitable for PE, PP, silicone resin, PTFE, foam Teflon ®, fabric and leather clothing.