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GAC 200 - Acrylic Primer and Extender - Top Ten Gambling regular platform Malta

GAC 200 - Acrylic primer and extender

Gold is the artist's color

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GAC(short for Golden Artist Color) Professional Acrylic Polymer is based on 100% acrylic polymer emulsion. GACs can be used as a medium or modifier for acrylic pigments. GACs can be used to extend acrylic color, regulate clarity, create glazes, increase shine, reduce viscosity or improve adhesion and film integrity. GAC polymers can also be used to bond for a variety of effects andTen big network gambling regular platformPigment solid. Unlike other golden mediums and gels, GAC acrylic polymer only has the lowest Quantity of thickeners, adjusting feet, defoaming agents andTen big network gambling regular platformActive agents ensure good film formation.

GAC 200 increases adhesion/film hardness and is the hardest and least flexible polymer. It is ideal for blending acrylic colors to increase film hardness, reduce dry film adhesion, and increase on many non-porousTen big network gambling regular platformAdhesion of. After drying,Ten big network gambling regular platformClear, high gloss. GAC 200 is not recommended for flexible supports.