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How to use silicone oil in your acrylic infused beautiful cells

How to use silicone oil to cast acrylic

Acrylic pouring is a fluid painting technique that depends on the art material used. This blog will guide you on how to use silicone oil in acrylic pouring, with what material will best achieve the style you want. 

What causes acrylic cells to pour?

These cells are caused by the difference in density between paint colors. Thus, the number of cells and the size of cells depend on different densities of color. Silicone oil is one way to achieve these cells.

如何 硅油 工作?

Common sense is that oil and water don't mix. Acrylic paint is water-based, and when mixed with silicone oil, the two coats of paint separate.

Steps to create acrylic upside down:

1. Choose acrylic paint

You can choose acrylic paints that are already liquid, like Liquid acrylic painting in goldThey don't need to add water, retaining their high pigment. Another option is to use a common low viscosity acrylic such as Vallejo Studio Acrylic or Gold heavy body acrylicAdd water to achieve desired consistency.

Pour each color separately into a different cup or silicone measuring cup (eco-friendly option).

2. Add pouring

Injection medium Is there an additive that is used to make acrylic paint pour and flow smoothly. Thus, the casting medium acts as a diluent and binder.

Add the topping to each color in the cup. The ratio of acrylic paint to the pouring medium mixture should be approximately 1:1.5. Carefully mix each color separately with a wooden stick.

3. Silicon oil cell medium was added

Add 2-3 drops of silicone oil to every 15ml of acrylic paint, in different colors of your choice. It is not required to add this to every color, but it is recommended to add it to the base color. Careful mixing.

4. 倒!

There are several ways to apply acrylic paint to a canvas or board. In the video below, dirty is a common technique, all the colors are poured into the same cup (don't mix) and poured onto the canvas. Move the canvas until allTen big network gambling regular platformBe covered.

5. 热

Heat paint with either Heat gun Or a torch. Hair dryers are not recommended, as too much wind can make the paint move too much. When the paint is heated, the cells will begin to crack and produce the desired effect.